Banh My – French Baguette with Vietnamese imprints
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While America has KFC, Vietnam serves its people banh my as the riche amount of protein in such a tiny package. If you travel Vietnam, banh my must be on the top of your must-try food and will never let you down by its mouthwatering taste.

What is Banh My?

On its origin, "bánh mỳ" is a product of cultural exchange between the East and West. It has appeared during the French occupation of Vietnam. At first, it was a French sandwich with major ingredients of butter, meat, pate and other ones and was a dish for the rich. Gradually, Vietnamese chefs have used more local ingredients and popularized it. By the 1950s, banh my was sold in its modern form by street vendors in Vietnam

Banh My – French Baguette with Vietnamese imprints

"Bánh mỳ" is a fast food in the morning for students, workers, intellectual class, or anyone in Vietnam with very reasonable price. Depending on each locality, it can be used as a substitute for main meals at different times of day. Foreign tourists, when having it once, will not be easy to forget its wonderful taste. It can be found everywhere all along the country. With three basic criteria: tasty-nutritious-cheap, "bánh mỳ" is the most convenient choice for both locals and foreigners.

How is Banh my served?

There is a variety of banh my’s flavours in different regions. Generally, banh my is sliced down the side, filled with a number of specific ingredients, majorly made of pork, including paté, sausage, shredded lean pork, “cha lua” (local pork sausage), “gio lua” (steamed pork), butter, mayonnaise, and often complemented with Vietnamese radish and carrot pickles, a handful of sliced cucumbers, corianders, and finally a bit of homemade chili sauce. The sum of these ingredients together is what truly makes banh my such a yummy food.

When to eat banh my?

Due to its convenience and ubiquity, you can have your delicious banh my for breakfast, lunch or even dinner if you want.

In the past, banh my is particularly served for breakfast with combination of simple ingredients including pork, vegetables and sauce. Now, banh my is a part of busy lifestyle of every Vietnamese people, from office workers to street vendors, old to young.

You can wander the old quarter, stop by any banh my stand, then order and enjoy your real Vietnamese cuisine every time you feel hungry.

Where to eat “the best banh my Hanoi”?

No matter where you are in Hanoi, you can easily capture a view of banh my vendors or banh my stores.
This post will help to provide several details of prestigious places to enjoy the authentic and tasteful Hanoi banh my.

Banh my Nguyen Sinh
Banh my Nguyen Sinh is one of the first banh my stores in Hanoi since the French colony. It is known for the special home-recipe and the goose pate banh my. Because of the famous brand and better quality, the Nguyen Sinh rolls are at higher price range compared to regular stores.

Address: No. 17 Ly Quoc Su, Hoan Kiem dist., Hanoi.
Opening hours: 7: 30 – 21: 30
Price: from 40.000VND to 80.000VND
Distance: 15 mins on foot or 5 mins by taxi from La Sinfonia del Rey

Banh my Tram, Dinh Ngang
For the banh my lovers in Hanoi, nobody does not know Banh my Tram thanks to their diverse menu and special home-made sauce. There are many options to order: pate, pork sausage, fried egg, or beef au vin with fresh and delicious salad.

Address: No. 252 Cua Nam Street, Hoan Kiem dist., Hanoi.
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 23:00
Price: from 30.000 VND to 45.000 VND
Distance: 25 mins on foot or 10 mins by taxi from La Sinfonia del Rey

Banh my beef steak Hoe Nhai
If you want to taste the combination of Western and Vietnamese culinary cultures, you must try banh my with local beef steak Hoe Nhai market. The steak here is made in Vietnamese style with marinated beef, small slicing salad, fried eggs and fried potatoes.

Address: No. 05 Hoe Nhai, Ba Dinh dist., Hanoi.
Opening Hours: 09:00 – 22:00
Price: 100.000 VND/set
Distance: 35 mins on foot or 10 mins by taxi from La Sinfonia del Rey

Banh my Pho Hue (Banh my Hue Street)
On Hue street, you may find the banh my store that received the compliments from the famed chef Geoffrey Deetz about their appetizing banh my.
BBC also gives their comments on banh my here: banh my is not complicated, each ingredient has its own role in creating delicious one.
Address: No. 118 Hue street, Hai Ba Trung dist., Hanoi.

Opening Hours: from 6:00 to 19:00
Price: 20.000 VND – 50.000 VND
Distance: 35 mins on foot or 10 mins by taxi from La Sinfonia del Rey

Banh my 25 Hanoi
Banh my 25 Hanoi is the most famous and popular brand for travelers. It was high rated 5-star food on TripAdvisor because of tasty and diverse types of breads, very friendly and good service.
Address: 25 Hàng Cá, Hàng Bồ, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Opening Hours: 07:00 – 21:00
Price: from 15.000VND to 25.000VND
Distance: 20 mins on foot or 05 mins by taxi from La Sinfonia del Rey

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