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Hanoi offers an array of art galleries, from commercial ones pumping out appealing art and copies for the masses to expensive high-end artworks, where you might pick up an original $5,000-piece from one of Vietnam’s in-demand artists. Art galleries are the places where Vietnam’s culture, legacy and history are showcased to the fullest in the eyes of local artists. Depending on their life experiences and how they view the world, Vietnamese traditions and people will appear differently in the artists' portraits. Besides, art galleries can take the form of a museum in which the proprietor can display their gorgeous collection of Vietnamese Antiquities and ingenious artifacts. Most of the objects displayed in this type of gallery are for sale and usually at reasonable prices despite its museum-level quality. All of these reasons make art galleries one of the top destinations for tourists to come over and pick up valuable items as gifts or for their own travel collections. The list of art galleries below will give you some suggestions regarding the most worth visiting galleries in Hanoi.

Apricot Gallery

Apricot Gallery is a four-storey building in which all pieces of art are upscale and high-quality. The number of available artworks is limited yet very exclusive and has different styles ranging from tradition to contemporary. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and their English skills are spot on.

Address: 40B Hang Bong

Tel: +84 2438287304


Prices: $500-$10,000/ piece or collection

Distance from our hotel: 10-minute walk (800m)

Thang Long Art Gallery

Established in 1996, Thang Long Gallery would like to spread the love of art and desire to truly promote the talented Vietnamese artists. Its core values are nurturing Vietnamese talented artists and offering them opportunities to demonstrate their unique perspective of art and creativity to the public. Besides, Thang Long Gallery also well-known for its stunning display, splendid photos and high-quality customer service.

Address: 41 Hang Gai

Opening hours: daily 9:00-23:00

Tel: +84 243825 0740


Distance from our hotel: 6-minute walk (500m)

54 Traditions Gallery

54 Traditions Gallery has four floors of bits and pieces collected from 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. There is a diversity of antique artifacts and handicrafts including textiles and smoking paraphernalia (tobacco and opium) as well as pottery, jewelry and hair adornments. Most of the stuff is very affordable but no less beautiful to behold. Much of it is even professionally mounted and framed in archival quality display boxes. In here, the owner, Mark, will be glad to give you a personal tour of the entire gallery and explain all of the beautiful antiques he has. He is an expert on the art and culture of the many ethnic groups of Vietnam and assures to give you an amazing, educational and unforgettable experience.

Address: 30 Hang Bun

Opening hours: daily 8:30-18:00

Tel: +84 912321487

Prices: $ 30 to $ 1000/ piece or collection

Distance from our hotel: 8-minute drive, 22-minute walk (2 km)

Tired City Hang Bong

Tired City showcases and sells a variety of collections of artwork on shirts, posters, bookmarks and other items designed and produced by local artists. The products have a very interesting style of art that demonstrates a harmonic combination of Vietnamese tradition and modernity. If you are looking for a place to buy high-quality and creative yet affordable souvenirs, this would be a perfect choice for you.

Address: 3 Hang Bong

Opening hours: daily 8:00-22:00

Tel: +84 24 6294 0995

Prices: $ 6 to $ 30/ piece or collection

Distance from our hotel: 8-minute walk (600m)

Hanoi Art Gallery

Hanoi Gallery is another place that is worth dropping by for everyone interested in Vietnamese Art & Culture. It exhibits and sells the latest paintings by Vietnamese contemporary artists including a number of internationally known ones as well as young talents. All artworks are chosen carefully by the gallery to give a fair representation of new and old, modern and tradition, East and West, realistic and abstract. Guests to Hanoi Art Gallery are warmly welcomed with good service, reasonable prices and fastest payment.

Address: 36 Trang Tien St., Hanoi.

Opening hours: daily 8:00-22:00

Tel: +84 39918626


Distance from our hotel: 10-minute walk (850m)

Green Palm

Run by art critic since 1996, Green Palm Gallery is the most professional and prestigious art gallery in Vietnam to promote artistic spirit of community and maintain a space for local artists to nurture their achievement in art. Artists and collectors frequently come to this gallery to feel the pulse of the market and develop their connoisseurship of Vietnamese contemporary arts. As all the artworks belong to the high-end segment, the price for each piece of art is quite high compared to other casual galleries.

Address: 39 Hang Gai; 15 Trang Tien St.

Tel: + 84 24 3828 8298/ +84 24 3936 4757

Prices: $3,000-$10,000/ piece or collection


Distance from our hotel: 12-minute walk (1km)

Situated within the Hoan Kiem pedestrianized zone, we are one of the few hotels that can provide our guests with the most convenient local street experiences. If you are a true art lover who wants to explore the most popular art galleries in Hanoi or to pick up valuable pieces of art for your collection, our hotel is a perfect choice for you to stay in as from which you can easily reach and experience those galleries with literally no effort. Don’s hesitate to contact us for more detailed consultation and booking instruction.

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