Beer Corner – a must-see place in Hanoi
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Although most of things are closed at midnight, Hanoi is still a busy city with unique things to do at night. While it won’t win over many plaudits for its nightclubs, there are a multitude of fun and interesting things to see and places to go.

Beer Corner

Hanoi’s nightlife scene offers a multitude of interesting things to see and places to go well after the sun sets. There are some lively bars and glitzy nightclubs conveniently set in the Old Quarter, where you can enjoy great tunes and all sorts of booze as well as mix and mingle with fun-loving locals and expats. However, a night out in Hanoi could not be fulfilled without sitting on plastic stools and enjoy “Bia Hơi” (Vietnamese draft beer) along the bustling streets. A must-visit for any first-time visitor to Hanoi, Bia Hơi Corner is widely regarded as the quintessential nightlife spot in Hanoi.

What is Bia Hoi?

Open throughout the day and late into the night, the ever-bustling beer haven is located at the corner of Ta Hien and Luong Ngoc Quyen streets in Hanoi Old Quarter, where you can see hundreds of people sitting on plastic stools with a pint of bia hoi in hand. Available at numerous makeshift bars within the corner, Bia hoi is a type of Vietnamese draft beer that only contains about 4% alcohol. Although it’s weak compared to European standards, bia hoi is incredibly cheap where you can enjoy a tall glass between VND10,000 and VND15,000.

Reminding during your time at Beer Corner

Needless to say, Beer Corner attracts a steady following of locals, expats and tourists looking to down some ice cold beers all night long. Alternatively, there are several bars that sell soft drinks and imported beers such as Tiger for about VND 20,000. In addition to numerous bia hoi joints with colourful plastic stools spilling onto the streets, you can also find makeshift stalls selling a variety of snacks such as steamed peanuts, fried tofu, skewered meats, and delicious beef jerky. As it can get very packed here, do keep your wits about and be mindful of your belongings. Nonetheless, Bia Hoi Corner is great for drinking on a budget as well as experiencing the local culture. The carnival atmosphere is a really memorable snapshot of Hanoi nightlife.

Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 – Til late

Address: the corner of Ta Hien & Luong Ngoc Quyen streets

Price range: VND100,000 – 150,000/person

How to get there: simply take a walk to the North of Hoan Kiem lake for less than 10 mins (without getting lost).

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