Top 10 Restaurants in Hanoi Old Quarter
La Sinfonía del Rey Hotel & Spa

The best Hanoi restaurants epitomise why Vietnamese food is so adored around the world. With the cultural connections of France and China, as well as a rich native tradition, restaurants in Hanoi bring together many Influences from around the world and make every meal an adventure.

From refined French fine dining options to down-to-earth local joints specialising in one type of dish, dining in Hanoi is something to savour and with our tried and tested list of the most popular restaurants in Hanoi, you are sure to find something to suit.

1. The Rhythms Restaurant - Vietnamese Fine Dining

In the sky-high restaurant, The Rhythms specializes in taking classic recipes and elevating them to international standards. The Rhythms Restaurant sources only the best ingredients through our carefully created network of organic farms and bespoke suppliers, ensuring quality and flavor in each and every mouthful. The menu at The Rhythms is an orchestra of local dishes, including all the must-try specialty dishes, and a selection of lesser-known personal favorites. The restaurant takes pride in our restaurant being an ambient and tranquil space that looks out over the twinkling lights of the city – a welcome refuge after a day of exploring the sights.

The menu at The Rhythms features the very best in authentic flavorful Vietnamese cuisine including dishes from all regions of the country as well as an extensive selection of favorite international fare, prepared by dedicated and experienced chefs and served by a team of passionate staff.

Address: La Sinfonía del Rey Hotel & Spa 7th Floor, 33-35 Hang Dau Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi - Vietnam
Tel: +84 (24) 3212 1155

2. Chestnut Restaurant

Over the top of the city, Chestnut Restaurant offers wide ranges of Vietnamese traditional dishes. Freshest food and beautiful presentation will certainly savour your taste. Attentive service is performed by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff. Like someone says “A great restaurant is one that just makes people feel like they are not sure whether they went out or they came home and confuses them”. Chestnut restaurant is where you can dine to dive into the feeling of the real Vietnamese cuisine. 

Address: Level 8th - 12 Dinh Ngang - Cua Nam - Hoan Kiem - Hanoi
Tel: +84 24 3933 3300
Distance from the hotel: 1.8 km - 10 min by car

3. Red Bean Restaurant 

Red Bean's vision is to become one of Vietnam’s leading restaurant brands serving modern Vietnamese cuisine with high quality and innovative ideas but never forgetting the roots and value of true and authentic Vietnamese cooking. The aim is to build a great reputation in the hospitality and restaurant trade. To help lead the way in creating inspirational dishes which keep true to Vietnamese cooking embodying the five elements of metal, wood, fire, water and earth that underpin Vietnamese food.

Featuring authentic local cuisine, including many famous Vietnamese and Hanoian street food, served in a relaxed atmosphere, the restaurant takes its name from the red bean that is so important to Vietnamese cuisine. Not only does this humble bean have a high nutritional value and adapt equally well to sweet or savory dishes, but it has a deep and powerful meaning within Asian societies where it is a symbol of love and fidelity.

Address: 94 Ma May, Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

Phone:  024 3926 3641

Hours: 11:30 AM - 10PM


Distance from our hotel: 400 m - 5 min walk

4. Green Tangerine

The Green Tangerine is a restaurant in Hang Be Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam. Set in a colonial building dated to 1928, in the heart of the Old Quarter, it serves French cuisine, with "Vietnamese undertones". It retains the ambiance of 1950s French Indochina, and has its own cobblestone courtyard. CNN states that it "meets all expectations of colonial Asian seductiveness". Frommer's notes its "creamy Cointrea-flavored frozen yoghurt served in a green tangerine shell".The former chef of the restaurant for thirteen years was Yvin Stephane. 

Address: 48 Hàng Bè, Hàng Bạc, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Hours: 11AM - 11PM

Phone: 024 3825 1286

Distance from our hotel:  180 m - 2 min walk

5. Grandma’s restaurant

Inspired by the traditional way of cooking Northern Vietnamese cuisine, Grandma’s Restaurant is a recollection of Hanoi’s rustic past and its surrounding provinces, a homey yet elegant feeling that everyone can experience right in the heart of the Old Quarter.

Situated in one of the capital’s prime locations where the old citadel towers just a few blocks away, Grandma’s Restaurant is the ideal introduction for both local and foreign visitors who are seeking authentic exposure to Vietnamese culture.

Relive the glorious past and discover the unique flavors of the Northern Vietnamese cuisine, prepared with passion and served with much love, only at Grandma’s Restaurant.

Address: 6A Đường Thành, Cửa Đông, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Hours: 11AM - 2PM,  5PM - 10PM

Phone: 091 601 85 35

Distance from our hotel: 1 km - 12 min walk

6. Home Hanoi Restaurant 

Step into HOME and be captivated by magnificent aromas before sitting down to a wealth of enchanting flavours of authentic Vietnamese food. It is our passion to impress and excite and it’s through our cuisine that this is best achieved. All our ingredients are painstakingly sourced to ensure the highest possible quality in order to prepare an unforgettable meal. With a delightful a-la-carte and several set menus served throughout the day, you are guaranteed to be satisfied whenever you want to treat yourself to a great Vietnamese meal.

Address: 34 Châu Long, Trúc Bạch, Ba Đình, Hà Nội 100000

Hours 11AM - 1:30PM ;  5PM - 9:30PM

Phone: 024 3939 2222

Distance from our hotel: 2.7 km - 9 min by car

7. Le Beaulieu

Renowned for its exquisite French cuisine – perfectly crafted in both flavour and presentation – multi-award winning Le Beaulieu has for over a century been the venue of dazzling soirées and sublime Sunday brunches. Wine connoisseurs will find pleasure in our impressive wine list featuring selections by passionate sommeliers. The friendly atmosphere of this contemporary haute brasserie where patrons come to savour the best and most authentic French cuisine in Vietnam.The Sunday brunches are filled with unique recipes, featuring sumptuous everything your heart desires, from sushi to carvery, from fresh french oysters to homemade ice cream, and much more, from noon to 4PM every Sunday. 

The à la carte menu features dishes exquisitely crafted by Executive Sous Chef Raphael Kinimo, showcasing the seasonal preferences of the Chef - who specialised in classic French fare with a modern and refined approach. 

Address: 15 Phố Ngô Quyền, Tràng Tiền, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Hours: 6AM - 10:30AM; 11:30AM - 2:30PM; 6PM - 10:30PM

Phone: 024 3826 6919

Distance from our hotel: 750 m - 9 min walk

8. Essence Restaurant

Located on the ground floor of Essence Hanoi Hotel, the Essence Restaurant offers authentic Vietnamese dishes in an elegant, refined setting. Featuring an exotic décor which draws on the aesthetics of both colonial Vietnam and cutting edge contemporary design. The main dishes of Essence Restaurant are Bun Cha, among other traditional dishes from 3 regions of Vietnam, each infused with their own distinctive characteristics. The Northern taste is salty, the Central is distinguished by its hot, spicy flavours while the Southern region takes on a sweet and sour zest. At Essence Restaurant, both residents and non-residents can enjoy a delicious meal with great food and excellent service in a pleasant environment, all at a reasonable price. 

Address: 22 Tạ Hiện, Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Hours: 11:30AM - 10PM

Phone: 024 3935 2485

Distance from our hotel: 550 m - 7 min walk

9. La Badiane

This stylish bistro is set in a restored, whitewashed French villa arrayed around a breezy central courtyard. French cuisine underpins the menu – La Badiane translates as ‘star anise’ – but Asian and Mediterranean flavours also feature. Menu highlights include sea-bass tagliatelle with smoked paprika, and prawn bisque with wasabi tomato bruschetta. Three-course lunches (385,000d) are excellent value, and there's an evening degustation (1,490,000d). 

Established in 2008, this stylish dining venue occupies a whitewashed colonial villa that’s fitted with large windows overlooking a lush courtyard. The upper level has two elegant dining rooms, where you can enjoy a private meal with friends and family, while the ground floor offers a more relaxed yet sophisticated setting.

Address: 10 Nam Ngư, Cửa Nam, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Hours: 11:30AM - 2PM;  6PM - 10PM

Phone: 024 3942 4509

Distance from our hotel: 1.6 km - 8 min by car

10. Duong’s Restaurant

For top of the line Vietnamese cuisine, give Duong’s Restaurant a visit and let them pamper you with world-class service as you enjoy fantastic local dishes. This restaurant makes some of the best local food that you’ll ever taste. And if you want to take some of their skills home with you, be sure to sign up for one of their acclaimed cooking classes. This is also one of the most ideal places in Hanoi for those who want to experience fine dining of authentic Vietnamese Cuisine in a luxury setting and great ambiance.

 The restaurant emphasizes on the freshness of ingredients being a  core key, another key is to deliver dishes full of flavor using only the best local produce. The menu often continues to evolve in line with the availability of produce.

Address: 27 Ngõ Huyện, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội 10000

Hours: 11AM - 10PM

Phone: 024 3636 4567

Distance from our hotel: 950 m - 12 min walk




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