The Secret of Light: When light is an art
La Sinfonía del Rey Hotel

Etianne-Louis Boullé, a prominent French architect in the 1700s, once said that “the art of touching with the effects of light belongs to architecture”.

Lighting is a key element in architectural design. Hence, it is almost impossible to imagine the works of the grand maestros without establishing a masterly relationship with light. The perception of space is directly connected to the way light integrates with it. What we see, what we experience and how we interpret the elements are affected by how light interacts with us and with the environment. Architectural lighting is all intended, delivering certain messages that can transform the space, create agreeable or disagreeable, amplify comfort and tranquility, elicit sublime and mysterious sensations, or even beautify aspects of the space that interest us. And above all, the magical power of light is significantly underpinned by its ability to shatter stress, brighten mood and revive spirit of people standing under.

Installed and embellished by Cara Lighting Solutions, one of the top-notch companies in the field of professional lighting, the exceptional lighting systems of La Sinfonía del Rey Hotel embrace the essences of contemporary light art, letting you unwind in the evening and prepare you for the day ahead. Simulating nearly one-hundred percent of natural daylight, our lighting systems help to avoid over-illumination and stress, which contribute a comfortable and tranquil atmosphere to the whole in-room environment, induce positive energy and create a perfect haven where guests can totally relax after a day of exploring the vibrant city.  Don’t miss your chance to witness and enjoy this unique experience with us at La Sinfonía del Rey.

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