An attractive note of The King’s Symphony - Paintings with Timeless Values

The legacy of La Sinfonía del Rey has been significantly interwoven with royal elements and precious cultural values. One of these is lacquer painting that conveys an essential part of Vietnamese artistic heritage. It’s never wrong to say lacquer paintings have brought a distinctive personality to the local contemporary art.

The following painting was created by Bui Huu Hung, a member of the International Lacquer Artists Association. His works were exhibited in renowned places around the world such as London, Norway, New York, Bulgaria, Poland and Belgium. With tremendous contributions to Vietnamese fine arts and remarkable talent, the creations of Bui Huu Hung are always welcomed by art enthusiasts and collectors .He impresses the viewers by an ability to depict a character's interiority in a mysterious and complex theme. For Bui Huu Hung, the royal lives of women in the aristocrat class with traditional costumes and accessorizes is an endless source of inspiration to exploit, and is attributed to his effortless artistry. The following painting is a pure representation for Bui Huu Hung’s orientation to art and intricate view to the Eastern culture through a blending of lacquer materials and dark color schemes.

Painting of an Empress by Bui Huu Hung 

A corner of La Sinfonía del Rey lobby lounge 

(Reference: Họa sĩ Bùi Hữu Hùng, người lưu giữ những hồi ức lịch sử trân quý –

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