Lobby Lounge Makeover with Vietnamese Flower Arrangement Competition Winner 2019

Today we had a warm good morning of flower arrangement demonstrated by the Winner of the National Flower Arrangement Competition 2019, Quoc Bao. He had excellently pulled ahead in the finale of the competition and won the first prize with the topic "Hasfarm Goes Green", becoming the only Vietnamese representative to participate in the International Hasfarm Cup 2019.

Speaking to Quoc Bao, we saw a man with a great passion and creativity in flower design, and his unsurpassed striving for perfectionism. Every piece of flower shown at the Hotel today was carefully selected in early morning at the flower market on Au Co street, and designed in an aesthetic and elaborate fashion that has marked the distinctive style of Quoc Bao. Bouquets of Lily Pollen and White Gladiolus interweave in the elegant and contemporary settings of the Hotel, leaving a sense of freshness for the guests.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to Quoc Bao for his amazing work today and wish him all the best in his future career as a professional flower designer.

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