The Special Car Ride Home for a Fulfilling Tet Reunion
La Sinfonía del Rey

"Driving is a challenging job by nature, I'm constantly busy, especially during Tet. Working hours are more erratic these days, sometimes I have to work very late at nigh. The roads are always packed the days coming up to the New Year, sometimes very stressful.. accidents are more prone to happen so I always have to be extra careful... But the special thing is that the company has given me the opportunity to go back to my hometown early to enjoy New Year's Eve with my family. I was very happy and grateful to hear about the "Special Car Ride Home" program of the company. I really appreciate this. Thank you..." - said Mr. Thanh, a devoted driver of La Sinfonía Vietnam.

Like Mr. Thanh, many other employees of La Sinfonía del Rey Hotel are far away from home and their family, unfortunately not present for the preparation of the Lunar New Year. Instead, they still devote their time to working tirelessly throughout the busiest days of the year, not to mention that returning home in Tet Holiday is something coveted and out of reach due to the busy holiday traffic and a surge in transportation tickets' price.

Having this at heart, La Sinfonía Vietnam has arranged the program "Special car ride home for a cozy fulfilling Tet". By enabling them a ride back home in the company's private car, we'd like to give our thanks to our employees for their hard work and dedication for the last year, making sure they'll make it home safe and sound, and spending a meaningful and loving Tet Holiday with families and friends. This program is one of the most outstanding examples of the employee-centric corporate culture of La Sinfonía del Rey Hotel, which emphasizes the understanding and appreciation of employees' needs and wants.

The first car ride sets off in the evening of January 24th 2020, i.e December 30th of Lunar Calendar, for the staff to make it back on time for the New Year's Eve. The itinerary includes Hanoi - Nam Dinh - Ninh Binh, catering to all staff of the hotel.

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