La Sinfonía del Rey Hotel & Spa strictly follow the COVID-19 preventative procedure dictated by the government
La Sinfonía del Rey

Since the very first breakout of COVID-19 in Vietnam, La Sinfonía del Rey Hotel & Spa has immediately and strictly implemented and maintained the pandemic preventative procedure, following the directions of Vietnamese Ministry of Health. In the current pandemic situation, all of our staff have continued to take appropriate precautions and strengthen our protocols to prevent the spread of the pandemic:
- 100 percent of our staff wear mask and install Bluezone on their phone
- Anti-bacteria cleanser is provided in different areas of the hotel
- Distancing in dining areas of the restaurant is compulsory
- Measuring body temperatures for staff and guests
- 100 percent of guests must fill in the form of medical history during the check-in process.
- Guaranteeing no guests are from the infected areas.

The safety of our guests and staff are our utmost priority, thus you can trust and book our services with no worries through hotline (+84) 389 996 254.

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